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June 2009 : The Beatles Remastered : EMI Belgium chooses Synsound Studio and La Brasserie for the presentation of the reissue of all Beatles classic albums and of "The Beatles Rockband" game, to be released on September 9, 2009 !

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June 2009 : The Beatles Remastered : EMI Belgium chooses Synsound Studio and La Brasserie for the presentation of the reissue of all Beatles classic albums and of "The Beatles Rockband" game, to be released on September 9, 2009!

January 2007-June 2009 : to be completed soon

December 2006 : DVD mixing, Sioen : new track recording and mixing in studio II. With Dan. Charline Rose rehearses her new concert in la Brasserie.

November 2006 : Dan goes to Las Vegas to see the Cirque du Soleil show "Love" about the Beatles (sorry, this shouldn't be in those news), Miossec Rehearses in la Brasserie, and Dan starts mixing a concert for a private DVD. Janu puts the final touch to her new concert in la Brasserie

October 2006 : Alex Callier of Hooverphonic mixes a remixed track of Charline Rose in studio II, Will Tura records his lead vocals of his new album with Dan, and Dan mixes tracks for his new album (producer : Jean Kluger)

September 2006 : Helmut Lotti's DVD stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixing, Will Tura :
choir recording in la Brasserie for his new album, Daan : tracks mixing for his new album. Engineer : Dan. Janu rehearses her new concert in la Brasserie.

August 2006 : Back from Spain, Dan starts mixing tracks in 5.1 surround sound for Helmut Lotti's DVD in the SSL studio. Dan mixes also some other artists like Jean Bosco Safari and Frederic Lamory.

July 2006 : Helmut Lotti : stereo mixing, Maurane : recording of tracks in studio II and la Brasserie for her new album. Engineer ? Dan ! From July 20 to 22, Dan goes to Hamburg to supervise the live recording for Helmut Lotti's DVD, then takes a few days holydays (you have to, sometimes !)

June 2006 : Helmut Lotti : stereo mixing by Dan. Some other artists also come to mix with Dan : Slick, Palmbeach, and the recently refomed Belgian band Polaris.

May 2006 : Helmut Lotti : a whole month of overdubbing sessions (strings, brass, horns, oboes, flutes, accordion, percussion, choir, lead vocal...) by Dan. On Sunday 21, Telex mixes a remix of a new Pet Shop Boys track

April 2006 : Elektrokid mixes tracks in studio II, Sttellla records the "big choir" for his new album in la Brasserie and studio II, Helmut Lotti starts recording new tracks for his new double album... all engineered by Dan.
Marie Daule records a new track in studio III

March 2006 : Akro (from Starflam) mixes tracks for his new album (engineer : Dan), Red Hot Chili Peppers : prelistening party of their new album in la Brasserie

February 2006 : Hooverphonic mixes the concert in Studio II (engineer : Gg - Olivier Gérard), Helmut Lotti mixes some tracks for his new album (engineer : Dan)

January 2006 : Some sessions, engineerd by Dan : Studio II : Thomas Noton (producer : Fred Momon), Zap Mama records a track for a Japanese charity CD, Marka mixes tracks for his new album, Toots Thielemans records a track for his new album, Hooverphonic makes a live concert in la Brasserie...

December 2005 : Daniel Powter continues reheasing in studio III, Jean Kluger mixes Janu's new album with Dan in the SSL studio, Telex mixes his second single with Dan (of course !) in the SSL studio...
And about the SSL console, it is deeply serviced by a chief technician engineer coming especially from the SSL factory for 2 days, on the 7 and 8 december.

November 2005 : La Brasserie : showcase of successful French artist Cali in front of 200 fans and press people. Recorded by Dan in Studio II.
Recording of new tracks for Janu, the young and talented harpist produced by famous producer Jean Kluger. Engineer : Dan
Daniel Powter returns ! Daniel and his musicians put the final touch to the songs for the new tour. Engineer : Hassan Chaïdi

October 2005 : Ba Cissoko records his new album in studio III, while Helmut Lotti records 7 tracks for his new forthcoming album in studio II with Dan engineering, using again la Brasserie for strings overdubs.
Studio II welcomes a new artist signed by EMI France, Mario Pelchat, with producer Jean-Félix Lalanne. Engineer : Vincent Chevalot
La Brasserie also echoed with the chords of French singer Ben Ricour, who made a fantastic private showcase for press people and fans.

September 2005 : Daniel Powter rehearses his new show. Engineer : Hassan Chaïdi.
Jess, a new signature of Sony Music, makes her first showcase in La Brasserie, recorded by Dan in Studio II
Dan remixes Vincent Venet's new single

August 2005 : Charline Rose : recording and mixing of a few new tracks for the forthcoming album. Engineer : Dan
Marka records also a few new tracks. Engineer : Stef Van Alsenoy
Telex puts the final touch to his new album, and remixes a famous english group. Engineer : Dan

July 2005 : recording and mixing of Charline Rose's new album. Songs are from Fred Momont and Jacques Duvall. Engineer : Dan Lacksman. To be continued in August.

June 2005 : mixing of "Eenzaam zonder jou", a musical based on Will Tura's songs. Producer : Jean Kluger, engineers : Cooky Cue and Dan Lacksman.
mixing of Telex new album, to be released in January 2006. Producer : Telex (Marc Moulin, Michel Moers, Dan Lacksman), engineer : Dan Lacksman.
recordind and mixing of Helmut Lotti's new version of "Vergeet Barbara", a Will Tura classic.

April - May 2005 : HLM - album mixing - engineers : Olivier Gérard and Dan Lacksman - Vincent Delbushaye : album recordind and mixing - engineer : Dan Lacksman

March 2005 : Vive la Fête : synthesizers overdubbing and album mixing - engineer : Dan Lacksman - Telex (new album)

February - March 2005 : Hooverphonic : new album mixing - Vincent Venet - engineer - Hassan Chaïdi - Vive la Fête : drums and bass overdubbing

January 2005 : Celso : album mixing (Crammed Disks) - engineer : Vincent de Bast - HLM : live recording (la Brasserie) - engineer : Dan Lacksman

November - December 2004 : recording - mixing : Janu - Helmut Lotti and Russlana duet - Telex (new album) - engineer : Dan Lacksman

October 2004 - Hooverphonic : one week synthesizers recording in the Synthroom with Dan Lacksman

September 23, 2004 - Mark Knopfler performs an exclusive showcase in Synsound's Brasserie

August - September 2004 - Maurane : 5.1 and stereo mixing for her new live DVD - engineers : Gérard Olivier and Dan Lacksman

August 4th : first string section recording in the Brewery - sounds amazing, says producer Piet Roelen

July - August 2004 - Freddy Birset records and mixes his new album, using all the three studios and the Brewery to record a string section - engineer : Dan Lacksman - producer : Piet Roelen (Helmut Lotti)

July - August 2004 - Orishas mixes his new album in the SSL studio - mixing engineer : Tim Latham from New York City - producer : Andres Levine


French superstar Pascal Obispo inaugurates "La Brasserie" with a private concert for the release of his new double album, "Live fan - Studio fan". Sony Music Belgium has booked the new venue for a private showcase, given in front of some 150 people, some of them being lucky fans, winners of a contest, and the Belgian medias - the Belgian main TVs, radios and newspapers. "La Brasserie" being linked to the SSL studio, the concert has been mixed in stereo for the TVs and the radios, but also recorded in multitrack onto Pro Tools HD.


On top of the already successful SSL room (Studio II), Synsound Studios open up a brand new digital studio (Studio III), with "good pricing, but top quality", and studio-owner Dan Lacksman opens up a dedicated synthesizer-room, "The Synthroom"

The Digital Studio:
This studio is based around a SONY DMX-R 100 desk and a Pro Tools 24 Mix + with all plugins.
A large recording room with daylight and top quality acoustics, designed by Dan Lacksman, offers you the possibility to do quality recordings of drums, vocals and all acoustic instruments.
This room also features the possibility to transfer your multitrack tapes onto Pro Tools (before they become unreadable !), from ADAT or DA-80 8 trk, 24 trk analog or digital, 32 tr digital and 48 trk digital multitrack formats.

The Synthroom:

Is a heaven for musicians who appreciate vintage and new keyboard-sounds.
From modular Moog to soft-synths it's all ready to go.
Just like the Digital Studio, the Synthroom is based around a digital SONY DMX-R100 desk and a Pro Tools system with Mister Lacksman tweaking the knobs...what can you possibly want more?


Do not hesitate to contact us : - Tel : +32(0)2 425 01 83 - +32(0)475 61 55 90
Marie and Dan Lacksman, owners - Luc Van Acker, booking manager.

May 2003 - Synsound would like to congratulate Urban Trad for their 2nd place at Eurovision contest

January 2003 - NEW ! Pro Tools HD 48 channels ! see more details in our equipment list !

August 2002 - David Bowie chooses Synsound for mixing his Paris live concert!

June 2002 - Our new website is online

April 2002 - The work on the new Dan Lacksman synthroom is moving a long just fine and should be ready in the next couple of week...

October 2001 - Studio lll coming soon...

October 2001 - Our first website is online